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Choosing a Tumble Dryer

It's not always an option to hang your clothes out to dry, especially if the weather is bad, which it often is, or you just don't have the space. That's why having a tumble dryer can be so useful, especially if you have a large family. Tumble dryers dry clothes really quickly and leave them feeling soft, and today's models are far more energy efficient than models from the past.

The Size

There is not that much variation in the size of tumble dryers and most of them will dry in the region of 6kg -7kg of cotton fabric. However, there are a few compact tumble dryers, such as the White Knight 3Kg Compact Vented Dryer.

Vented or Condenser

A vented tumble dryer takes the damp air from the tumble dryer using a plastic tube and discharges it outside. This can be done either by having a permanent hole in the wall, or just taking the hose and hanging out of an open window.

With condenser dryer, the tumble dryer extracts the water from the damp air and deposits it into a container which needs to be emptied. Condenser dryers can be more convenient as you don't have to worry about venting them and they can be put in any well ventilated room. However, the disadvantages are that they cost more initially, and also they tend to use more energy than vented dryers, although some of the latest condenser models features technology that enables them to still have an A energy rating.


Tumble dryers can have various features including:

  • Timed drying
  • Different heat settings
  • Reverse action (the bowl spins in one direction, and then the opposite direction to reduced creasing)
  • Delay (so you can set the dryer to dry overnight if you have an Economy 7 tarif, for example)

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