buy now pay later sofas leather sofas, fabric sofas, corner sofa, recliner, sofa bedA new sofa is a large expenditure and should be chosen carefully. There are a large range of sofas available and you should consider whether you would like:

  • A leather sofa
  • A fabric sofa
  • A corner sofa
  • A recliner, or
  • A sofa bed

Measure the space carefully in the room where the sofa is to go. A good way of working out what sized sofa would look good in your room is to lay sheets of newspaper on the floor to match the size of the sofa you think looks about the right size; make a note of the measurement of the surface area, and then find a sofa to match those dimensions. Simples !

Leather Sofas

Popular manufacturers of leather sofas include G Plan, La-Z-Boy and ScS. Leather sofas are available in 2 seater, 3 seater, 4 seater, corner and reclining versions. Leather sofas are often hardwearing and easy to clean.

Fabric Sofas

Also available in two to four seater versions, corner suites and recliners, fabric sofas can have cushions filled with foam, fibre or feathers for different levels of softness and appearance.

leather corner reclining sofaCorner Sofas

Corner sofas can look striking in a living room, but ensure that you have sufficient space and make sure that you are able to position your television so that everyone is able to view it, no matter where they are sitting.


Recliners can really help you to relax after a hard day at work, and may also provide some relief to people suffering from back problems.

Sofa Beds

Sofa beds are useful when space is at a premium and allow you to easily transform your living room into an extra bed room when needed.

Retailers offering buy now pay later on sofas

Retailer Information Buy Now Pay Later Interest Free Credit
SCS SCS sell a very wide range of sofas which all come with a 10 year warranty. They sell leather sofas, recliners, fabric sofas, corner suites and sofa beds. Many sofas are available at just £10 per month, with a mininum deposit of £59. Yes Yes, four years
Brighthouse Brighthouse have a range of settees and sofa sets with armchairs, two and three seaters, recliners and foot rests in traditional and contemporary designs. Yes No

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