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The Apple iPod Touch in 8Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb options can be bought online on buy now pay later - no deposit required.

iPod Touch

The latest Apple iPod Touch is available with 8Gb, 32Gb or a massive 64Gb of memory. This iPod is a really slim design yet it has a large (3.5") widescreen. It is also available in black or white.

Features include:


iMessage allows you to text any other iOS5 device using iMessage. This service is free and unlimited over wi-fi and it allows you to text, send photos, videos, contacts and locations. You can text one person or an entire group, plus you can set it up to provide you with read receipts so that you know your message has been received and read. Also, messages are encrypted and if you have more than one iOS5 device, the messages are sent to all of them.

Game Centre

The Game Centre allow you to play games with other people through the social gaming network. You can invite your friends to play with you, or the Game Center itself will suggest people who you could play with. You can see how well you're performing on the leader boards. You can get games easily by downloading them.

Face Time

The Face Time function allows you to make Face to Face video calls using the built in camera on the front.

HD Video Recording

The iPod Touch has an additional camera on the back, which allows you to shoot video in 720p HD. It has an illumination sensor so that it is capable of capturing great video recordings even in lower light conditions. The built in microphone records conversations and any other ambient noise.

Music and iTunes

The iPod Touch allows you to store thousands of music tracks, and you can easily download more from the iTunes Store.

ipod touch appsThe App Store

You can access more than half a million apps at the App Store, including great game and entertainment titles, making the iPod touch the most popular portable gaming device.


The iOS is the mobile operating system used by the iPod Touch. It is the same operating system that is used on the iPhone and the iPad. This operating system allows you to access everything by touching the screen, and it also includes all the every day apps that you will need. The latest version of this operating system, iOS5, has even more features, including:

  • iCloud - iCloud allows you to easily access your email, contaxts, calendars, music, apps, games, photos and videos across your other iOS5 devices. You don't need to sync - iCloud automatically does it all for you.
  • Retina Display - This means that the pixels are so small, you can't see them, making text look sharp and pictures vivid.
  • AirPlay - You can stream your music, photos and videos wirelessly to Airplay enabled HDTV and speakers.
  • AirPrint - You can print straight from the iPod Touch over wi-fi to your printer. You don't have to download any software or connect any cables.
  • Safari - This is the built in browser that allows you to surf the internet

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