iPhone 4S buy now pay monthly no deposit required

The Apple iPhone 5 is now available in 16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb options, and in black or white, and is available to order now on buy now pay monthly contract with no deposit required. The release date for the iPhone 5 was September 21st, 2012.

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 - it's the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone, or so says the marketing hype. But what are the differences between the iPhone 4S and the iPhone5?

Well, the iPhone 5 offers:

  • a larger screen - there is a fifth row of icons on the home screen. It has a 326 ppi Retina display, but the resolution is now 1136 x 640 with a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • 4g connectivity (4g is to be rolled out to major UK cities this year and the rest of the UK next year with Everything Everywhere (EE) which includes the Orange and T-Mobile networks. However, 4G is not being marketed at the time of writing)
  • the new iPhone is thinner - it is 7.7mm (0.3") thick and weighs 112g (4 oz).
  • it runs the new iOS 6 operating system

The new Apple iPhone 5 comes in a choice of white/silver or black/slate and is made of aluminium with a glass inlay.

iPhone 5The Processor

The iPhone 5 processor uses the new Apple A6 chip which has twice the graphics power and CPU speed as the A5 chip used in the iPhone 4S. Further, the chip is smaller and has a longer battery life.

The Camera

The camera is smaller but is still 8 megapixel. Its specification is similar to that of the iPhone 4S, however it does now have the ability to shoot panoramas to produce a 28 MP image and it can simultaneously take a picture whilst shooting a video.

iOS 6

iOS 6 is the new version of Apple's mobile operating system. It includes the new e-tickets app called Passbook, FaceTime over 3G (network dependent) and Facebook integration.

Retailers offering buy now pay monthly on the iPhone 5

Retailer Information Payment Terms

Apple iPhone 5You can pre order new iPhone 5 on pay monthly terms from e2Save. The iPhone 5 is available with a memory of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB.

You can choose from the T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2 and Orange networks.


These vary depending on the phone and the tarif, but the iPhone 5 is FREE on the 2 year £41 / month 02 tarif, which includes:

  • a 16GB iPhone 5 in black
  • unlimited minutes
  • unlimited texts
  • 2000MB data

Click this link to view all the tarifs: iPhone 5 buy now pay monthly

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