buy now pay later gym equipment: exercise bike, treadmill, elliptical trainer, weights

Buying the right gym equipment can be a cost effective and time saving way of taking regular exercise without spending money on joining a gym or indeed time and money driving there and back.

Choosing Fitness Equipment

A wide range of gym and fitness equipment can be bought online on buy now pay later, no deposit terms. But before you buy, you should think about what it is that you want to achieve. Would you like to :

  • Lose weight
  • Improve your fitness
  • Build up your muscles

Once you have decided which of the above is the most important, it makes it easier to choose the most appropriate equipment. There are three types of training, known as cardiovascular, strength and flexibility.

Cardiovacular Training (Aerobic Exercise)

A cardiovascular work out is arguably the most important in terms of overall fitness. A cardiovascular work out increase your heart rate over an extended period of time, and is known as aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is a great way of improving your overall fitness and endurance, it helps you to burn calories (aerobic exercise is known as being "fat burning" and it slightly increases your metabolic rate. When you exercise aerobically, you should be slightly out of breath but still able to maintain a conversation.

Fitness equipment designed to promote cardiovascular exercise include:

  • Exercise bikes
  • Treadmills
  • Rowing machines
  • Cross trainers / elliptical trainers

rowing machine no depositExercise such as this will also help you to lose weight, provided you don't eat more to make up for the fact you've exercised. Many of the more expensive models are computer controlled and will tell you how many calories you have used up in a work out.

Strength Training

If you want to become stronger and increase your muscle mass, you will be interested in strength training. Strength training is all about strength and endurance. To get the biggest strength gains, you should exercise with heavier weights for a smaller number of repetitions. To increase your muscular endurance (how long you can keep going), use lighter weights with more repetitions. Of course, there is cross over between the two types of muscular training - endurance training will still increase your strength to a certain degree, and vice versa.

Muscles are likely to bulk out most with strength exercises; endurance exercises increase muscle strength but not so much the bulk, and they increase your metabolic rate to encourage fat loss.

Fitness equipment designed to promote muscular strength and / or muscular endurance include:

  • Multi-gyms
  • Free weights
  • Vibration Plates

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