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There is a wide range of fridge freezers available on the market today, and not only are they functional, they have of late become increasingly attractive and more energy efficient. Here are a list of factors that you should consider when choosing a fridge freezer:

  1. Your budget - did you know that the most expensive fridge freezers cost over £4000 - clearly, this is beyond the limits of most people. Don't despair though, with prices starting at under £200, there should be fridge freezer to suit even the most modest of budgets.

  2. Space - this is a very important consideration. Measure accurately the space that you have available and ensure that your proposed purchase will fit in it. Don't approximate - be accurate. In addition, you will need to take into account a clearance of about an inch to allow for air circulation and cleaning. Some fridge freezers also need more space at the back to enable the proper working of the fridge freezer. American style fridge freezers have become increaingly popular - not only do they have increased storage space, but they also offer additional features such as instant ice and chilled filtered water. However, they are much taller and wider than traditional fridge freezers.

  3. Layout - would you prefer the fridge on top and the freezer below, or vice versa? Or how about a side by side model. Also check to see if the doors are reversible if you are likely to want to move your fridge freezer later.

  4. Energy Efficiency - the energy efficiency of a fridge freezer must by law be displayed on the packaging. The energy efficiency is rated from A+, which is the best, through A, B, C, D, E, F and G, which is poor. In reality, most models these days fall into the A+, A or B categories for energy efficiency. The running costs of the individual unit are often quoted in kilowatts per year, which can be another good way of comparing models. The general trend is towards improved energy efficiency, and new models are likely to be more efficient than your current model.

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Pay weekly on a range of fridge freezers from £4.09 per week. Brands available include Hotpoint, Beko, Haier and Samsung. Models available include the Hotpoint Surf Fridge Freezer and the splendid Hotpoint American Collection Liberty Fridge Freezer, which has an eye catching design of the Statue of Liberty on the front. This model is exclusively available to Brighthouse!


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