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Most kitchens are full of electricals and electrical appliances large and small, and they really are an essential part of modern life. First of all there's the kettle for our morning cup of tea, then the toaster for a slice of toast to perk us up after a night's sleep. We really on our washing machines and tumble dryers to restore our clothing to full freshness, and most people these days have dishwashers, especially busy families where both parents are working. In addition, we take cold milk for granted and this is courtesy of our fridge, and we enjoy stocking up on supermarket bargain packs which necessitate being stored in a freezer.

Which electricals haven't I mentioned yet? Oh yes, the television! How could I forget. How can we manage without a tv? Not to mention computers, gaming consoles and sound systems.

When one of electricals suddenly breaks or just wears out, it can make an unexpected hit to the family's finances. Yet we consider our electrical appliances to be essential to modern life. Just think about the washing machine - what do we do when that breaks. Fancy a trip to the launderette? No, not really. Only if you're part of the cast on Eastenders.

So, here are some online stores that offer buy now pay later terms on all the electricals you could need. Breathe a sigh of relief!

Retailers offering buy now pay later on electricals and electrical appliances

Retailer Information Buy Now Pay Later
Brighthouse Brighthouse have lots of electrical items for sale, including TVs, audio systems, gaming consoles, kitchen white goods and computers.  

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